December 6, 2022


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2022 Audi RS 3 Is Wicked Quick, But …


From a dead cease, the RS 3 shot to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds in Edmunds’ tests. Must you find your self with 93 octane in the tank, the RS 3 is quicker nonetheless, knocking .3 2nd off that time. We don’t love that it wants the richest gas to eke out those people very last 3-tenths of a second, but power is nonetheless ample on 91, and since 91 octane is significantly extra frequent at California gas stations, which is what we caught with for the greater part of our tests. Out on the street, it did not appear to issue what was in the tank. The RS 3 continue to pulls all the way to its 7,000 rpm redline, and the whipcrack shifts of the double-clutch automatic mean it is supremely simple to expertise the engine’s battle cry in excess of and about yet again.

On any back again highway the RS 3 is fantastically quickly, even when the conditions are tough. All through a quick blast up one particular of my most loved again streets, a freak center-of-summertime rainstorm took maintain of Southern California. On the way up Angeles Crest Freeway the roadways were wonderful and dry, but on the way down they glistened with freshly laid rain. This ordinarily requires a significantly far more even handed method to driving, as major rains just after very long periods of hot, dry climate normally leave roads soaked in a blend of drinking water, oil and other fluids that usually just bake their way into the asphalt.

For the initial number of miles it seemed like taking part in it great and casually cruising down was the smarter shift, but following a tiny though it turned crystal clear the RS 3 was not lacking a beat. The summer months-only Pirelli P Zero tires have been hanging on just high-quality, and the little Audi truly uncovered its stride. It was obvious the RS 3’s intelligent all-wheel-drive program was working overtime, and you could experience the tiny Audi shuffling ability from front to again and facet to side as you swing it by way of restricted legal rights and very long lefts. Grip, tempo, electrical power, it was all there, but a thing else was lacking.