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A week with my new 2022 i4 M50



I picked her up on 7/5/2022 at the Performance Center. The day was somewhat abbreviated due to the plant/Zentrum being on holiday for the week, but as always, it was a fun day.

The San Remo Green over Tacora Red Vernasca Leather is fantastic. I’m also quite happy with the Carbon exterior and interior bits… and the 50 Jahre emblems.

I immediately dropped off the car at Extreme Colors Auto Spa, who spent the next few days installing a full PPF, Ceramic coat, ceramic tint and ceramic coat on wheels/calipers. They captured some footage for their various social media sites… you can find it here —>Extreme Colors – 2022 i4 M50

We drove home, back to Orlando on Saturday, 7/9/2022…. Total distance was ~525 miles, which took ~11.5 hours total….yeah, traffic wasn’t the best. We stopped three times at ElectrifyAmerica chargers along the route – using the 30 minute complimentary charging rate. The charge details were —

Walterboro, SC – 49kWh – 21% -> 80% SoC – 30 min (150KW DCFC)

Brunswick, GA – 54kWh – 17%-> 80% SoC – 30 min (350KW DCFC)

Ormond Beach, FL – 51kWh – 13% -> 72% SoC – 30 min (350KW DCFC)

Home – 19kWh – 44% -> 80% SoC – 3h-47m (9.6KW-Flex Charger)

** – The Ormond Beach DCFC session was cut short due to a bad charger… I had burned a few minutes of session time before I stopped and tried another one. Once I knew I had enough to get home, I got back on the road for the home stretch.

I averaged between 2.8 and 2.9mi/kWh, with a speed of ~70 MPH – set the cruise to 72. The car rode great, even on the less than perfect I-26 and I-95. The Mrs, who has been very critical of my Tesla and the stiff ride, was quite happy.

After a week with the car, I really am pleased. It’s better, IMO, in every way to my Tesla. Aside from the Tesla Supercharger network being _very_ easy to use, everything else about the car is superior. DAP is equal to Tesla AP.. closer to Tesla EAP and more predictable IMO. The SATNAV routing to chargers worked well, but would much rather CarPlay. It works, sort-of, in that once the car send the low range notification, it prompts you to find a DCFC….not real helpful and no ability to precondition for fast charging.

I didn’t have any issues with DC charging, except for the last stop… and I knew it was likely borked – the screen was dead – but tried it anyways. It started to charge, but it never ramped up after a few minutes. I ended up calling their support to let them know, which was pretty easy, too.

Charging at home on the Flexible Charger is straight-forward and easy. Having a portable charger that supports 40A is quite handy. There is also a placard with the other AC adapters available… I’m going to pickup a couple of the other plugs in the event I take the car on a road trip and need to charge on some random connection.

My verdict is… well done, BMW… well done! Now, just make sure you get the i5, and hopefully the estate option stateside in 2024 and I’ll be happy.



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