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Albany Police are investigating a crash where a police car collides with an illegal dirt bike

In accordance to Steve Smith, an Albany Police spokesman, this took position all around  5:30 p.m. on Clinton Avenue. Suitable now, the conditions surrounding the crash are unclear at the minute. 

The online video of the incident was shared on social media. 

In the movie, you can see a couple men and women driving on filth bikes in the street and on the sidewalk. A single police car or truck collides with the back again of the dirt bike, causing the human being who was riding it to drop to the floor. 

Smith states that unique bought on the again of another unlawful grime bike and fled the scene. News Channel 13 asked smith was the crash accidental and have been law enforcement seeking to get the folks on the dust bikes to pull around. 

Smith wasn’t in a position to reply that query, but says it continues to be below investigation. He says no a single was injured. Regulation enforcement and metropolis officers have expressed stress with the illegal grime bikes riding on Albany streets for awhile. 

“We have teams of individuals who recklessly and illegally have no regard for people in this group. Their riding these motor bikes on sidewalks. They are not obeying the car and traffic law, and they are putting inhabitants at possibility,” stated Smith. 

We spoke to two males who did not want to be determined. They were driving with the individuals who were being remaining adopted by police. They say they stopped using when they noticed the cops, so hence they ended up not captured in the video. They acknowledged that the filth bikes are unlawful, but believe law enforcement could have managed things in a different way. The men consider law enforcement could have hurt the grime bike riders. 

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