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A “V” Ain’t The Only Way: Check out This Built Chevy 250 Make 320hp On The Engine Dyno

A “V” Ain’t The Only Way: Watch This Built Chevy 250 Make 320hp On The Engine Dyno

Supporters of outdated school inline six engines will really like this online video which displays a crafted Chevy 250 inliner building far more than 300hp on the dyno without the need of employing improve, nitrous, and even now having the crummy manufacturing unit head on it. The head has been modified with “lumps” that actually aid the air movement but there is practically nothing wonky heading on listed here and the matter would make a 73-87 pickup truck sing. Hell, if they experienced started with the lengthier stroke 292 they could have manufactured even extra torque but the torque offer is even hilarious as the “curve” is as flat as a industry graded by a Caterpillar D9 bulldozer.

Engines like this are brilliant and they are definitely, definitely what sizzling rodding is all about. We adore making horsepower in any way feasible and we enjoy looking at engines crank out 4-digit grunt. But seeing an iron-headed inline six building this variety of serious, usable, streetable electrical power will make us smile.

Residing in a entire world where by a 1,000hp road engine does not make any one blink any longer implies that engines like these unsung 320hp oddballs are just that, oddballs. They are entitled to just about every inch of appreciate that a boosted 1,000hp LS does due to the fact in a lot of methods there’s a lot more ability utilized in this article than with any boosted engine. Nothing at all exotic, just fantastic outdated warm rodding tricks.

We’re in appreciate.

Push participate in underneath to see this magnificent video that includes a 320hp Chevy inline 6 –

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