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Best Alternative to Owning a Car:

Buying a car is not the only way to have a vehicle to get around in. As the world changes and evolves, so do automotive industries. With all the options available to consumers today, owning a car is no longer a priority. There are a few ways to still have a car without owning it. The 3 alternatives we are exploring more in-depth are:

●       Leasing

●       Renting

●       Car Sharing

#1: Leasing a car:
Leasing a car is a long term option. Most lease contracts are for a period of 2 years. Leasing a car covers the cost of depreciation of the value of a car. It is the perfect option for a longer time, like using it as a mode of transport to work everyday. Leasing is a more permanent or semi-permanent option and you will generally have the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease contract. The cars are generally newer, and will require less servicing and maintenance. One thing to check for when leasing a vehicle is if the company has a mileage limit. Often when there is a mileage limit, you will pay extra costs per mile you travel in the car. Insurance is for your own cost. Reading USreviews on the various leasing companies available can help you in making the decision of which company to lease your car through.

#2: Renting a car:
Renting a car is a short term option, with car rental companies charging daily, weekly or monthly rates for their vehicles. With renting, you are able to keep the car as long as you need it. Rental fees are billed at the end of the rental term and charged to your credit card. Insurance is offered by the rental agency, but you can also use your own if you so wish. Rental car service and maintenance are not your responsibility, but you do need to keep the vehicle in good condition. A rental car is generally older, with the general age of the vehicle being around 1 to 2 years old. There are no mileage limits with a rental car. Most car rental agencies charge a refuelling charge which you can opt out of and just refill the vehicle when you return it. You can book a rental car online on websites.

#3: Car sharing:
Car sharing is the newest option of the lot. This option is an on-demand form of vehicle rental whereby you pay to use a car and a seat. You can rent a car for as little as an hour, to as long as a day or week. All you need to do is book a car and it comes to you. Car sharing companies cover the gas, insurance, maintenance and even parking of their vehicles. With Zipcar you pay as little or as much as you drive. This service is available in the US as well as globally. Car sharing is the most convenient option.