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Best Cars for First-Time Drivers

Best Cars for First-Time Drivers

When your child turns into a teenager, the countdown to them getting their driving license begins. As unnerving as that may seem, for them to get behind the wheel is the most liberating experience in their young adult lives. Your job as a parent is to prepare them as well as possible to become safe and sensible drivers.

Visiting dealerships, car lots and other car companies to scout for the best deal is usually the first step. Your teen will likely have a long list of vehicles they’d like to drive, but they’re not the one’s paying for their first car. As uncool and unsexy as it may sound, parents want their kids to drive the safest, most fuel-efficient and reliable saloon there is for the lowest possible price. After walking among the car dealerships and browsing websites, you might have a good idea what sort of car you’re after for them.

Your next stop should be a car valuation company to further gain tips from We Buy Any Car reviews. As we have mentioned, safety is the highest priority for a purchase followed by price. What sort of cars should you be looking at for less than $10,000?

1: Volkswagen Golf

Your money will net you a tidy 5-year-old Volkswagen Golf that scores a 5-star safety rating, yet they’re packed with technology, style, space and high levels of German quality and engineering precision.

2: Subaru Impreza

While you might consider the Subaru Impreza to be a boy-racer, Subaru has long since moved on from its rally car racing performance agenda and is now one of the safest cars in the world. Their Impreza model is available as a hatchback or sedan, boasts all-wheel-drive for enhanced driving safety, and they are priced closer to $7,500 for a very neat example. Being Japanese in build, these can comfortably achieve 250,000 to 300,000 miles of abuse.

3: Mazda CX-5

Your teenager will most likely be trying to persuade you to buy them an SUV. The Mazda CX-5 is a 5-star safety award winner that is big on reliability, quality, and style too. While it may have a soccer mom look to it, that is actually a feather in this car’s cap: a 5-year-old example is still an SUV that can lap up tens of thousands of miles of stop-start driving, commutes to campus, all-weather driving, and is big enough for them to take their friends to a music concert.

4: Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is one of the most popular SUV names in the USA and that means there will be thousands for sale on the used market to give you the widest possible search options. Reliable, safe, low-maintenance, and economical to run, these are firm favourites for students. Look for a 2015 model with the 2.5-litre motor and automatic transmission for a little under $10,000.

5: Toyota Camry

No auto shopping list would be complete with a Toyota Camry. One of the biggest selling saloons in the world, Americans have a love affair with this car. A 2015 year model will set you back about $9,000 and your teen will have a car that will last for another 20 years, be as cheap to run as a bicycle, and will offer all the comfort and space they’ll likely ever need.