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Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG S 63 Is a Black-on-Black Fortress


Highway Clearly show Intercontinental has just built a fortress on wheels. It is the bulletproof Mercedes-AMG S 63. It is, in reality, a W222-based mostly armored limousine that you will need to just take a fantastic glance at in get to know there is one thing going on.

The Atlanta, Georgia-centered business calls it the Mercedes-AMG S 63 RS Version. The title does not make a great deal sense, however. “Fortress” would have likely been extra correct. The car keeps its 4.-liter biturbo V8 motor, but now advantages from the presence of 612 PS (603 HP), in its place of the conventional 585 PS (577 HP). The -100 km/h (-62 mph) run is standardly a 3.5-second deal, right before the sedan flashes its way on to 300 km/h (186 mph).

Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG (2)

But not with the added weight that the Level 6 anti-bullet defense provides along. According to the Instagram publish of Highway Display Global, the armor slows the Mercedes-AMG S 63 down to 3.7 seconds, which is not poor possibly. The speedometer needle nevertheless, now stops at 257 km/h (160 mph).

The auto is a black and chrome company inside of out. Acquire a good search at it and you will see that you just can’t actually see through the thick bulletproof home windows. Visibility from inside out is impacted as properly.

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The car involved in the process is a 2018 model with 6,923 miles (little more than 11,140 kilometers) on the odometer. Whoever is intrigued demands to contact Road Clearly show Global and inquire about the rate. It involves a free CarFax report, way too. There’s the VIN in the income ad, if you’re curious about that.

But if you’d alternatively go with the W223 era, have we received superior information for you! INKAS revealed their armored Mercedes-Benz S-Class back in March. The bulletproof sedan is available all over the world. So it is your get in touch with!


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