November 27, 2022


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Chevrolet Corvette as Everyday Driver


The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is definitely one particular of the coolest vehicles in our extended-expression fleet. But because of to COVID disrupting our usual auto signout process, I hadn’t driven it a great deal due to the fact we bought it in mid-2020. My fortunes altered previously this year when I approached car czar Mike Schmidt with a request: Put me in a automobile that I could stay in for a even though. Mike discovered the Corvette as a appropriate applicant exterior of the occasional online video appearance, there was not a strong company have to have from our workforce.

And that’s how I finished up investing four out of 7 months this year in the prolonged-term Corvette. Here is how the Corvette held up as my every day driver, from making use of it as an airport shuttle, grocery getter and expecting-spouse transport.

Simple to use in most situation

Backing up a little bit — in the interest of comprehensive disclosure, Mike experienced also presented the Shelby GT500. At 6-foot-4, I fit in the Shelby more easily, but its pinchy Recaro seats and cumbersome close to-city managing made it fewer captivating in my eyes. I was willing to deal with the Corvette’s tighter inside in exchange for the remarkable driving working experience.

My takeaway: While the cabin isn’t really spacious, the Corvette’s simple maneuverability, pleasant experience, supportive seats and often-there electricity designed it an great companion for day to day responsibilities.

The Corvette’s steering is beautifully immediate and brief, with a fantastic quantity of resistance as you shift from the center placement. You do not have to wrestle with the wheel to get it to switch, but you are always informed of in which it (and thus the tires) are pointing. The steering motion goes a very long way in building the car come to feel uncomplicated to push on a commute — neither darty nor ungainly.

I have not pushed a C8 Corvette with out the adaptive suspension, but I suspect it really is really worth the additional shell out. We ticked the box for the magnetorheological dampers when we specced our long-termer, and I can say without the need of a doubt that this is a single of the finest-driving sports vehicles on sale right now. The Corvette glides in excess of cracks in the highway that would develop a jittery journey in other high-overall performance coupes. It can be likewise composed at significant speeds when you may possibly strike a bump or enlargement joint on the freeway.

The seats are another substantial level. Even nevertheless we opted for the midrange GT2 buckets — sportier than the earlier out there normal thrones but less hardcore than the Levels of competition Activity seats — I located them really snug. They are remarkably adjustable and, inspite of being a a lot more intense selection, properly suited for most outings. Rating however an additional earn for the Corvette’s everyday usability.

At last, you can find the completely best 6.2-liter V8 just guiding your head. Even when you happen to be minimal in the powerband, you can come to feel the gobs of torque at your disposal if you give the throttle the most momentary of blips. Sort of like the Porsche 911, the Corvette has an accelerator pedal with some resistance baked into its physical motion. The small extra effort essential indicates that the motorists are acutely aware of the ask for for electric power that they are producing. You aren’t going to accidentally press the pedal and rocket ahead, in other words and phrases. It can be all quite purposeful. And the V8 has no dilemma speedily ramping up the miles per hour. The Corvette feels so speedy, it truly is pretty much hard to think that this will inevitably be the foundation motor in a lineup complete of even spicier powertrains. 

The stuff that would not perform

Even however the Corvette is fairly realistic by sports activities vehicle standards, it is even now a mid-motor coupe. The cabin is on the smaller aspect, and given my body’s foolish proportions, I have to make some sacrifices in order to fit. This indicates deciding upon amongst scooching nearer to the wheel so my head isn’t really butting up from the roof, or moving the seat back again and propping my head versus the roof’s metal crossbar. I normally opt for a lot less legroom/more headroom.

My spouse and I also observed out that a pregnant female can easily get in and out of the passenger seat until about halfway by means of the fifth month. Scrunching to get to the doorway cope with soon after you get in is a little tricky but can be mitigated by the presence of a beneficial lover on the exterior. Previous this stage, although, acquiring in and out of the reduced-slung Corvette turns into much too much of a hassle. After the kid’s household, the Corvette goes into the garage. You could possibly as nicely get made use of to it now.

Lastly, storage options for more substantial things are limited. I had to pack weighty for a modern trip, which meant breaking out a huge suitcase. I’m a inadequate planner and failed to consider to check out inserting the suitcase into the car before I packed it. On the morning of my flight, I realized the circumstance would not suit in the Corvette’s passenger seat. I finished up swapping into my wife’s compact SUV as airport transportation. A different vacation a few weeks afterwards unveiled that even a conventional-sized carry-on could not be stowed in the rear trunk. I could technically place it in, but the hatch wouldn’t near. Into the passenger seat it went — snug, but doable.

Edmunds suggests

Aside from a handful of cargo and particular room issues, using the Chevrolet Corvette as a day by day driver is no trouble. That is very awesome specified its functionality capabilities.


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