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Songsan Motors SS Dolphin

Songsan Motors SS Dolphin

A pair of difficult-functioning Las Vegas showgirls are close friends, co-workers, and roommates, and just about every has custody of a a lot young sibling. Which is the premise of a limited-lived Garry Marshall-developed Television set present known as “Who’s Seeing the Children.” And in predictable sitcom style, frequently no one particular is looking at the kids—and hilarity ensues.

The Chinese government is a bit like individuals harried showgirls, a very little far too occupied orchestrating the manufacturing of most of the planet’s items to intently watch the operations of specific organizations and industries within its borders—particularly its automotive sector. And, like Garry Marshall’s show, hilarity usually ensues. Hilarity, that is, in the type of copyright and intellectual-assets theft.

Chinese desgin ripoffs

To our eyes, the Chinese-built Shuanghuan Noble (still left) and Landwind X7 look far much too considerably like the Good ForTwo and Assortment Rover Evoque, respectively.

Over the earlier two many years, Chinese-created autos wanting really comparable to the merchandise of Mini, Hummer, Variety Rover, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Rolls-Royce have been manufactured. And, since these vehicles had been made only for Chinese distribution, there was really little the makers of the primary autos could do about the copycat cars and trucks. The challenge is, even when it acknowledges these types as mostly stolen, the Chinese federal government isn’t in particular interested in having concerned in any international motion against a domestic business.

The superior information for the ripped-off automakers is that they would most likely have lawful recourse were these “clones” retailed outdoors of China—especially in North The us or the European Union. However, for the most aspect, the seem-a-like rides are held in China proper. At least the problem is contained.

Of all the stolen-style and design vehicles manufactured in China, there is one that may well outclass all the some others in terms of sheer audacity: the Songsan Motors SS Dolphin.


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