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Citroën DS: A Mid-Century Modern Goddess

The Citroën DS is a car or truck that signifies ‘50s luxury and a stage of nobility that was unheard of in its era. It is a vehicle that will always be in model, as is the scenario with any very good design and style.

The DS’s exquisite insect-like condition was discovered at the 1955 Paris Motor Clearly show. Citroën cleverly named the auto as a participate in on the French phrase déesse, this means ‘goddess’. Its heavenly curves seduced the crowds, and Citroën experienced gained just about 20,000 pre-orders for the DS by the end of its 1st day on screen.


9 times afterwards, at the end of the present, over 80,000 people had pre-requested the car. That number may not seem outrageous in today’s internet browsing age, but in this extra easy period, it was unheard of.


A person matter is obvious: the Citroën DS may possibly not be the speediest or the most highly-priced car at any time produced, but it is something exclusive.


The DS became a image of French innovation, thanks to innovative tech like its renowned hydropneumatic suspension that integrated a self-leveling functionality. The suspension could be lowered, providing the auto a extra smooth and intense profile, or it could be lifted to let for a lot more floor clearance.


It also arrived with a modernized energy steering process, a semi-computerized gearbox and a light-weight fiberglass roof. A wider keep track of at the entrance decreased understeer.


All of these options were unheard of in 1955. For viewpoint, we did not have shade television and even the fashionable refrigerator was a luxury at this time.


Citroën’s tech background is dotted with improvements that made it famous, and the DS is 1 of the most seasoned of the automaker’s lineup.


Extremely couple cars and trucks have designed such tremendous leaps in development in a solitary design, and for that motive, the DS remained in production for a staggering 20 several years. Approximately 1.5-million vehicles were being created in total, every of which is a beacon of French mid-century ingenuity, style and style and design.

Sara Ryan
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