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DeTomaso’s rare, forgotten Vallelunga was the Pantera’s rough draft — Petersen Automotive Museum


It was almost unavoidable that the DeTomaso Vallelunga would be designed in small quantities, because it was a costly and compromised device from an unknown manufacturer. By the time the closing Vallelunga was designed in 1965, just 50 had been produced by Ghia along with three aluminum-bodied protoypes and 5 alloy-bodied competition cars and trucks.

Just 1 of the Vallelungas made was correct-hand push and it was made for Colonel Ronnie Hoare, Ferrari importer for the U.K. His prepare was to in shape a 148-hp Lotus twin-cam motor to build a legitimate pocket-sized highway rocket, but he identified the Vallelunga basically also less than-developed to be feasible. He then marketed the car or truck on in 1970, by which position DeTomaso was on the verge of unveiling his ideal-recognised car or truck, the Pantera.

Uncommon and obscure, Vallelungas are the most beneficial automobiles in the DeTomaso legacy. However a museum-quality (#1 condition) Mangusta specced with the increased-output motor and crafted concerning 1967 and 1970 tops out at $325,000, a Vallelunga in such greater-than-manufacturing facility affliction is really worth $390,000. For a driver-high quality instance with a couple scuffs and bruises, you’re searching at $245,000—more than $80K far more than the most beneficial Pantera (a 1988 GT product in #1 situation). The 1st of the DeTomaso street cars rarely ever pop up for sale, either.

Whilst imperfect at its debut, the Vallelunga established the components of mid-engine Ford power less than striking Ghia body function that the later Mangusta and Pantera would render in higher dimensions and generation rely. 4 yrs after the roadster debuted at Turin, DeTomaso would appeal to the eye of Lee Iacocca, then Ford’s govt vice president, and leverage its Lincoln-Mercury seller network for less sensitive, far more available choices. As a statement of DeTomaso’s wild, first eyesight, however, the Vallelunga will normally stand aside.

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