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Former press fleet Audi 100 Avant for sale

Former press fleet Audi 100 Avant for sale

Audi at times receives a lousy rap when it will come to dealing with, but the reality is a good deal of the fashionable kinds take care of quite ably: with a good neutral stability and a superior EPAS steering tune that plugs you into all four make contact with patches instead very well. I uncover it truly is a set up that permits me to bounce in and drive the wheels off them with that gratifying sixth sense that allows you know what grip is obtainable just before a corner, relatively than following it, when you are parked, unintentionally, in a field. This was not often the scenario, though.

Again in the working day, Audis almost never appealed in excess of a Mercedes or BMW. I by no means like their fundaments: an engine poking out the front grille just seemed so wrong, and creating matters worse, it would be driving the entrance wheels or all 4. This, to my intellect, produced them boring – even the fabled Audi Quattro. Nevertheless, I have always been partial to an Audi 100 Avant.

You see, restrict managing doesn’t actually make a difference to me when the car’s a significant wagon. And back again in the 80s this large wagon appeared so, so futuristic that I would usually stare longingly whenever I saw just one flash by in the flesh. Or on the silver display. Absolutely everyone remembers the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder in Ferris Bueller’s Working day Off, but when I believe of that wonderful movie, I also believe of the purple Audi 100 saloon driven by Mr. Bueller Snr. Albeit it, it was called an Audi 5000 in the States – but it was just as sleek.

There was not anything at all else like the 100. It looked so place age, with its aerospace flush-fitting glass and, in Avant sort, a fastback rear finish with an angled rear screen break up by a spoiler. When you search at it now, with those plane-carrier overhangs entrance and rear, you could argue they are a styling no-no. But no, no, not to me. I still think it seems just as wise as it constantly did. I want to individual a person, even nevertheless I know it would travel like a large bread and butter pudding.

And who remembers the procon-ten protection advert? The 1 exactly where the guy with a handful of guides and amusing hair crashes into a female with large hair and even larger shoulder pads although walking down the street, because some mishaps “are only unavoidable.” And then they make your mind up to have the exact same crash when sitting down in two Audis and, because of the procon-10 safety program fitted to just about every – with its interconnecting cables that you see in slow motion pulling the steering wheel absent from the occupants – they each get out alive.

Not only were they alive but their hair was as well, and the gentleman even now has all his publications. It was a wonder. They just smirked at every other and walked absent like it really is nothing at all. Which it was not, for the reason that afterwards the automobiles magically unfolded again to their un-crashed condition. This made even the adverts all through episodes of Knight Rider or The A-Group remarkable. And it did not make a difference that the steering wheel was only becoming pulled out of harm’s way by the rearward movement of the motor and transmission, which was torpedoing into the footwell and your fleshy and breakable legs. This was the 1980s. Overall health and security hadn’t been invented however. As an alternative we experienced something considerably improved: Vorsprung durch Technik Β­- or as my close friend utilised to simply call it, ‘Four sprung duck procedure.’ I liked Ian.

I could go on, of program, so I will. The interior was just as ultra-modern-day and minimalist as the exterior, with clean up traces and classy back again-lit dials that appealed to wise, skilled men and women like architects. Also, for the reason that the motor was so ridiculously far forward that they did not have place for the radiator to sit in front of it, the Audi 100 had a lot more inside area than Battersea Power Station.

And speaking of electric power stations, this 1 has a 5-pot motor, which has warbled absent for just 47,000 miles. As you would assume, then, it really is immaculate, and looks as superior as it can in elegant Quartz Grey metallic. Indeed, if the advert is to be believed, it is really appear from Audi’s heritage fleet (come to think of it, I have a feeling I have viewed a person like it knocking all over), it even has a good provenance that points out its issue. Arrive on – it truly is a cracker, suitable?

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