December 2, 2022


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The next everyday living of EV batteries

A common misconception about EVs is that after the battery has outlived its practical existence powering your car, it will become small additional than scarp, consigned to landfill.

On the other hand, not only can up to 98 per cent of an EV battery be recycled and turned into new batteries for electric vehicles (see separate sidebar), it can also be refurbished and place to use as electricity storage for house and professional purposes.

Significantly like the battery in your smartphone, which degrades about time, so as well the battery of an EV will access the end of its operating lifetime at some issue.

Ordinarily, this happens when the battery reaches close to 70-80 for each cent of its initial potential. And whilst that is no lengthier ample to be considered practical for an EV, it’s extra than plenty of to be serve as a approach of electrical power storage.

Most manufacturers of electrical automobiles are wanting at different means to repurpose batteries. In Japan, previous batteries from a Nissan Leaf EV are now employed to offer power to small-strength apps these types of as road lights and railway crossings.

In the US, General Motors uses the expired batteries from its Chevrolet Volt to ability its back again-up information centre in Michigan.

But it is not just commercial apps that gain from an EV battery’s second life. Any home equipped with rooftop solar panels will need to have to store the electricity harnessed from the solar, the fantastic canvas for a lithium-ion battery taking pleasure in a 2nd everyday living. – Rob Margeit