September 27, 2023


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Google will auto-delete abortion clinic visits from user location history


Google says it’ll start off routinely deleting visits to abortion clinics, domestic violence shelters, fat loss clinics, and other probably delicate places from users’ area histories in the coming weeks. In a blog submit on Friday, the firm suggests that the deletion will happen “soon after” the stop by, as soon as its techniques have recognized that a vacation was built to one particular of the destinations. This modify is occurring in the wake of the Supreme Court’s selection to overturn Roe v. Wade and the moves several states have promptly created to outlaw abortions.

You can also turn off Google’s place logging completely by following its directions here.

Google’s write-up, entitled “Protecting people’s privacy on well being topics,” also mentions that there is an update coming for Fitbit that will let you delete multiple menstruation logs at as soon as if you have been applying the overall health monitoring attribute.

These privateness updates are meant to take out choose details from Google’s servers that could be utilised to prosecute persons for trying to get treatment, but the firm nonetheless shops a lot of other knowledge about your actions. Lookup and YouTube histories could also be utilized as proof in investigations, and Google’s publish does not mention just about anything about those people. We’ve reached out to Google to talk to about any other measures it could be taking to shield users’ data.

Though Google legally has to comply with certain government needs for data (and could be compelled to change in excess of logs if they exist), the company reiterates that it will “continue to oppose calls for that are overly wide or in any other case legally objectionable.” Google also says that it will notify consumers when it presents their knowledge to the federal government, except if it is been purchased not to do so or there is a pressing safety concern.

Info privateness worries around abortion go outside of Google: formal health care documents are not as private as lots of of us believe, and all the things from textual content messages and buy data could be utilised in opposition to you in courtroom. Plus, the corporation is not automatically the only entity preserving tabs on in which your smartphone has been. For a lot more data, you can read through our write-up that goes in depth on the privateness dangers that people seeking treatment may now encounter.


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