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GWM Haval prices increased up to $5000 since launch

GWM Haval prices increased up to $5000 since launch

Cost pressures have forced most car brands to increase their pricing, and China’s rising Great Wall Motor is no exception, with its GWM Ute up to 12.8 per cent more expensive now than it was at launch in late 2020.

The GWM Ute has already been hit by three separate $1000 price rises in 2022, having also received two price adjustments during 2021. This series of small increases have added up to a quite substantial price hike overall.

The GWM Ute Cannon 4×4 has received a $5000 price increase since it was launched in September 2020. This equals a 12.8 per cent increase in price.

It’s not just the Ute that’s now more expensive. Great Wall Motor’s Haval SUV division has also incrementally increased national drive-away pricing for the Haval H6 mid-size SUV and Haval Jolion small SUV since their respective launches.

There are only two models that haven’t changed prices so far: the recently-released Haval H6 Hybrid and the Haval Jolion Vanta.

GWM Australia’s factory operation has established itself as the company’s chief export market.

GWM Haval is far from alone in upping its Australian prices. Many brands, including rival Chinese automaker MG, have announced price increases for 2022 due to parts shortages, shipping challenges, and tight supply.

Every single price increase thus far has been accredited to these factors by GWM Australia. There haven’t been any specification changes throughout any of these price rises.

The following is a breakdown of what each GWM Haval model was priced at launch, where it’s currently priced, and the difference in both cost and percentage.


Pricing at launch Current pricing as of April 2022 Difference
Cannon 4×2 $33,990 (introduced in Aug 2021) $35,990 +$2000 (+5.5%)
Cannon 4×4 $33,990 $38,990 +$5000 (+12.8%)
Cannon-L 4×4 $37,990 $42,490 +$4500 (+10.6%)
Cannon-X 4×4 $40,990 $45,490 +$4500 (+9.9%)

The GWM Ute first launched in Australia in late 2020 was initially a four-wheel drive, dual-cab range.

At the time it replaced the Steed and brought a substantial upgrade in the technology department.

It also received a five-star ANCAP safety rating based on testing conducted in Australia at Crashlab using the latest 2020-2022 criteria.

All Utes built after August 2021 automatically received this five-star rating and older models could also become five-star cars as well with a modification made at dealer.

An entry-level Cannon 4×2 trim was introduced in August 2021 as well that started at the same $33,990 drive-away asking price and the Cannon 4×4 trim originally did in late 2020.

As mentioned above, the GWM Ute has received a total of five price increases since its launch.

The Ute Cannon 4×2 has received the smallest price increase thus far of $2000 and the Ute Cannon 4×4 has received the largest price increase of $5000 so far.

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Haval H6

Pricing at launch Current pricing as of April 2022 Difference
H6 Premium $30,990 $33,990 +$3000 (+8.8%)
H6 Lux $33,990 $36,990 +$3000 (+8.1%)
H6 Ultra $36,990 $39,990 +$3000 (+7.5%)
H6 Ultra AWD $38,990 $42,990 +$4000 (+9.3%)
H6 Vanta $39,990 (introduced in Jan 2022) $40,990 +$1000 (+2.4%)
H6 Vanta AWD $41,990 (introduced in Jan 2022) $43,990 +$2000 (+4.5%)
H6 Hybrid $44,990 (pricing revealed in Feb 2022) $44,990 unchanged

The Haval H6 launched in Australia in the second quarter of 2021 and is currently available with front- and all-wheel drive options.

It’s still GWM’s latest challenger to the Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 and brings a new level of safety and interior technology.

As announced in January 2022, the H6 received a blacked-out, limited-edition trim called the Vanta that’s based on the flagship Ultra.

Available in both front- and all-wheel drive, only 1000 examples of the H6 Vanta are coming Down Under.

Haval also revealed the pricing of its H6 Hybrid in February 2022 at $44,990 drive-away.

Also based on the flagship Ultra trim level, the H6 Hybrid hasn’t gone on sale yet locally.

In March 2022, the Haval H6 range received a five-star ANCAP safety rating against the latest 2020-2022 criteria.

The five-star safety rating applies to all petrol variants of the H6 currently on sale, with the upcoming hybrid model not yet rated.

Certain models of the Haval H6 range have received up to four individual price rises since its launch.

Besides the H6 Hybrid, the H6 Vanta has received the smallest price increase thus far of $1000, and the H6 Ultra AWD received the largest price increase of $4000 so far.

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Haval Jolion

Pricing at launch Current pricing as of April 2022 Difference
Jolion Premium $25,490 $28,490 +$3000 (+10.5%)
Jolion Lux $27,990 $30,990 +$3000 (+9.7%)
Jolion Ultra $30,990 $33,990 +$3000 (+8.8%)
Jolion Vanta $34,485 $34,485 unchanged

The Haval Jolion first launched in Australia in April 2021 with 300 limited edition ‘LE’ models.

It’s since brought the full three-car range including the limited-edition Vanta trim.

The Jolion replaced the H2 locally and brought a refreshed look inside and out, as well more safety technology.

It’s the only GWM Haval model to not have a five-star ANCAP safety rating. The Jolion range remains untested at this stage.

The limited-edition Vanta trim was announced in February 2022 with only 500 examples being imported.

Each of these are blacked out and finished in Mars Red metallic paint. It’s based on the flagship Jolion Ultra trim just like the H6 Vanta.

So far the Haval Jolion range, excluding the Vanta, has received a total of three, $1000 price rises.

To put this into context, the entry-level Premium trim now costs $500 more than the mid-range Lux trim did when it launched in mid-2021.

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