April 2, 2023


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Heavy Traffic – Mind Blowing Driving Test Mistakes

Slow, crawling traffic is probably the most frustrating view on the road. The red braking lights and the hardly moving speedometer can drive anyone insane. When it happens to driving students during their driving test, some of them make some very silly mistakes that cost them the entire test. These mistakes often repeat themselves, and some repeat even more than others.

The safety distance becomes a real issue on heavy traffic. If drivers don’t keep a safe distance from each other, accidents will happen. Since traffic is moving slowly, nothing too dangerous will happen, but even small accidents can make people angry. If a student driver doesn’t keep a safe distance on the test and hits another car, the test is immediately over.

Lack of courtesy is a real problem on heavy traffic. People who try to merge into crawling traffic sometimes have a real difficulty fitting in. The reason is ignorant drivers who don’t let them in. It also happens when drivers want to make a turn into slow traffic. Student drivers who don’t let others in or have trouble merging will probably not get a mark, but this isn’t showing the examiner any good driving qualities.

Blocking intersections is a much more serious issue of congested traffic. Some drivers are eager to go through an intersection, but they don’t see if they can make it to the other side safely. The result – they block the intersection. This practice is illegal. If a driving student blocks an intersection during a road test, the test will probably be a big failure.

Lane changes are very hard during rush hour traffic. Usually lane changes are made when the road is clear. However, when the road is full, moving between lanes can be rather difficult. Driving students who want to change lanes usually signal and turn their car. However, some of them can’t estimate distances well and hit a neighbor car. If it happens during a test, the examinee can forget about the license.

Heavy traffic isn’t pleasant, but it must be practiced. Without practice, no driver will be able to driver through crawling traffic, and this could lead to dangerous situations mentioned earlier. Every driving student should find some time to practice in rush hour, even if it’s boring and frustrating.