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Hyundai Motor Trademarked “IONE” – Korean Car Blog

According to AutoHerald, the South Korean carmaker have used for “IONE” trademark at the Countrywide Institute of Industrial House (INPI) of Argentina. We frequented the site and uncovered that the trademark was settled introduced on March 23rd.

So, looking at the INPI website, we can see that Hyundai Motor Company registered the IONE trademark and could use it in passenger cars and trucks, vans, or vans. Appears to be like like they used as lots of automotive items as achievable. But hunting carefully to the IONE identify, you can recognize it is identical to the company’s electric powered car sub-brand name IONIQ. It also has yet another indicating like the identify of a California metropolis, part of well known movie-match Animal Crossing

It is unidentified what is the objective for this trademark used by Hyundai. Nonetheless, and in accordance to the news resource, it is not likely that the IONE nameplate could be used in electric powered passenger cars and trucks. Hyundai needs to start up to eleven new electric powered cars by 2030, like a few sedans, 6 SUVs, and one light-weight commercial vehicle.

IONIQ sub-manufacturer upcoming automobiles are the IONIQ 6 sedan, set to debut in July, and the IONIQ 7 big SUV which is scheduled for 2024. It could also be utilised as a new sort of eco-friendly car or truck manufacturer these types of as hydrogen electrical car or truck line-up.

The last solution that arrives to us is that Hyundai use it as for the same intent as the high-performance internal combustion motor N-model. For instance, just like a wordplay and then IONE means IO = IONIQ, N is from N and E from Electric powered. What do you assume?

Prototype of IONIQ 5 N, could use IONE as new higher functionality electric powered brand name title?

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