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Is Your Transmission Fluid Leaking? (Causes and Cost to Fix)

A vehicle’s transmission is incredibly critical to its over-all procedure, in the end facilitating the supply of engine-developed power to a vehicle’s generate wheels.

The good news is, most of today’s transmissions are rather hearty by style and design, typically long lasting for the whole provider everyday living of a automobile alone. However, attaining this stage of longevity calls for well timed transmission maintenance. 

A single of the most important elements of transmission servicing facilities about making sure that a transmission’s fluid level is taken care of at optimum ranges. While this is normally a instead uncomplicated subject, items turn out to be considerably more tricky when a leak of a single variety or a further will take place.

In order to lower hardships connected with a leaking transmission, one must to start with establish the resource of this leak, in advance of finally remedying the concern at hand. This, in convert, involves a sharp eye, and eager awareness to detail.

Read through on to master additional about how to explain to if your vehicle’s transmission is leaking, as properly as how to handle this sort of problems, must they occur in the long term.

How to Detect a Transmission Fluid Leak

puddle of transmission fluid

The most noticeable signal of a transmission fluid leak is the unexpected overall look of a fluid puddle beneath a car or truck when parked for prolonged periods of time. The fluid within this puddle will look to be red or light brown in coloration, and will typically surface considerably thinner in viscosity than engine oil.

Dependent upon the format of the automobile in question’s engine/transmission combo, it could possibly also be attainable to establish if this puddle has originated in the vicinity of the transmission itself.

On FWD motor vehicles, this puddle will be located on one aspect of the engine bay or the other, opposite the location of the engine. On RWD automobiles, the transmission is located directly to the rear of the motor.

Any Other Symptoms of a Leak?

Aside from a puddle of fluid beneath a car or truck, other signs of a possible transmission fluid leak contain transmission “slipping” or delayed shifts. Situations of this form commonly final result from excessive fluid loss, which has critically reduced a transmission’s fluid amount.

In such scenarios, it is vital to expedite the prognosis and restore procedure, as everlasting problems can final result in shorter get.

A burning chemical-like odor also tends to be apparent in the occasion of major transmission fluid leaks. This results anytime leaking fluid coats underneath-carriage exhaust parts, therefore foremost to major burn up-off. The a lot more considerable a leak, the far more recognizable symptoms of this form are possible to turn into.

What’s Producing the Leak?

Transmission fluid leaks can result from a quantity of important system failures, some of which tend to be more serious in nature than many others. Knowledge these opportunity results in can establish exceptionally important when making an attempt to isolate and repair a transmission leak in the most expedited fashion attainable.

The subsequent are numerous of the most prevalent resources of transmission fluid leaks.

1. Harmed Cooling Strains

transmission cooling lines leaking

Most transmissions benefit from a specialized cooler, much like a radiator, to continue to keep transmission fluid temperatures in check out. Fluid is transferred to and from this cooler by using specialized likes.

Sad to say, with standard have on and tear, these lines can start breaking down, thereby causing a important transmission fluid leak.

2. Deteriorated Gaskets

Transmissions typically make use of the use of gaskets to reduce fluid loss, most notably at the transmission fluid pan. Even so, even the heartiest of gaskets deteriorate with time and extended heat exposure, inevitably primary to one particular or much more leaks.

Remedying this kind of issues involves replacing the compromised gasket in query.

3. Hardened Seals

Aside from gaskets, transmissions also characteristic numerous seals, developed to continue to keep fluid in, and debris out.

Most likely the best illustration of this basic principle is a transmission’s output shaft seal. However fairly durable, rubber output shaft seals are likely to dry and harden with time, frequently leading to sizeable leaks.

4. Compromised Torque Convertors

Automated transmissions employ specialty created torque converters, also recognised as viscous couplers.

Contained in a transmission’s torque converter is a important volume of transmission fluid. This fluid can be shed if a torque convertor’s seals fail, or housing cracks.

Can You Proceed Driving?

Driving for extended periods with a transmission fluid leak is never recommended. This is thanks to the actuality that it normally takes only minutes for a transmission starved of fluid to grow to be significantly ruined when in procedure.

This, most certainly, is not a danger worthy of having. Restoring a transmission fluid leak is usually more affordable than overhauling a transmission that has not been adequately lubricated.

Even slight transmission leaks can come to be far far more critical in reasonably limited purchase. This lends minor credibility to the idea that minor harm can arrive from driving with a transmission leak that is minor in scope.

A leak that bears small thought on one certain working day, can spell disaster for your transmission the next.

In any celebration, it is essential to fix any transmission leak as quickly as feasible. Doing so could rather potentially save your transmission from incurring in depth, and typically condemning destruction.

If you do not experience relaxed tackling this kind of repairs by yourself, an appointment with a dependable automotive service center must be scheduled at the very first offered opportunity.

Price tag to Deal with a Transmission Fluid Leak

The price tag of repairing a transmission leak can change tremendously based upon a amount of elements. The most important of these elements incorporate the resource of the leak in concern, the sort of model of the motor vehicle that is to be repaired, and the style of shop wherever these kinds of repair perform is to be managed.

However, just one can assume to shell out someplace in a variety of $150-$500 or a lot more to have their vehicle’s transmission fluid leak repaired.

At the lower conclusion of this assortment are leaks that can be very easily repaired, this sort of as individuals contained in a defective hose. Having said that, seal leaks that involve transmission removing will price considerably much more, specifically if these repairs are to just take area at a dealership.

Will a “Stop Leak” Products Correct the Leak?

In sure scenarios, end leak merchandise, these types of as Bar’s Transmission Quit Leak (#1420) can slow or even end slight transmission leaks. Even so, products and solutions of this variety should really not be thought of as wonder cures, or a correct substitute for precise leak repair. 

Even so, prevent leak goods of this nature may be well worth looking at in selected cases, such as anytime the value of mend of a transmission fluid leak exceeds the price of the vehicle itself.

Under this sort of instances, the use of a stop leak product or service might be just what is required to get a several added miles out of a motor vehicle that will otherwise be set out to pasture.

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