September 27, 2023


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Ken Block’s ELECTRIKHANA: High Stakes Playground; Las Vegas

Ken Block’s ELECTRIKHANA: High Stakes Playground; Las Vegas

The Hoonigan Media Equipment is back again at it, and this time HHIC Ken Block is back again at the wheel. Whilst they created it audio like the Gymkhana franchise was staying handed around to Travis Pastrana, it is crystal clear that there is still some petrol left in Block’s tank. Only this time, there is only electricity, as Kenny from the Block (sorry) is hooning an EV, much like Vaughn Gittin Jr. did past 12 months. Block is now an Audi guy (which is quickly clear in ever scene) and the latest movie is based in Las Vegas. It starts with Block unplugging his new Audi S1 HOONITRON, an all-electric tire shredder.

The 800 volt, bi-motor, AWD Hoonitron departs silently with just some tire sound and a sinister whirring audio. I do miss the cracks and pops of the EcoBoost rally vehicles and the fireplace respiratory Hoonicorn and Hoonitruck. A garage exit is swiftly adopted up by some sideways action around the Paris Las Vegas Lodge & Casino.

Oddly plenty of, all of the inside cameras seem grainy, or maybe like there is a thing on the lens. It is an uncharacteristically lousy view, virtually appears to be like like they ended up from a person of Block’s rally cars and trucks and not on a higher-finances gymkhana movie.

Nevertheless, there are some fantastic glamour photographs of the Las Vegas strip with the tire-using tobacco Hoonitron sliding all-around.

Oh and there are a ton of Audis.

I think my most loved bit is when he does literal donuts in the foyer of a casino.

Regretably there isn’t a ton of range, it is primarily just drifts and donuts. At just one place Block circles all over a boxing ring on major of a parking garage whacking significant luggage.

But that is about it. There is not much of a feeling of danger, it all feels extremely controlled and risk-free. Which helps make perception, it probably was. Block isn’t finding any younger, so I consider a great deal of this is orchestrated to maintain the massive franchise proprietor in fantastic wellbeing. I just didn’t have that sense of exhilaration and hardly ever cringed with joy as he arrived close to an impediment. Regardless, it’s a fun way to shell out nine-minutes and 35 seconds though, so I endorse a look at.

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