November 27, 2022


Let's Talk Car

Living and commuting with a big EV


I’ve been jogging the Citroën for the previous number of months as a extensive-termer for Go Electric, Autocar’s new sister model (go and have a seem, it is really very excellent). And until eventually that issue, I experienced felt that for all its amazing boxy practicality, the ë-Berlingo was basically flawed, owing to a real-world range of it’s possible 130 miles if you go wherever around a motorway, dropping perilously shut to 100 miles in cold climate.

For anyone who has knowledgeable the sheer functional joy of the ‘regular’ Berlingo (now axed, a victim of EU fleet emissions targets), that selection was limiting. Each and every journey of 100- plus miles demanded a good total of organizing, with various fallbacks to account for the vagaries of the UK’s charging community. That is true of any EV, of class, but most present day types give you far additional leeway.

But a various comparison offers a distinctive context. Sure, the array is unquestionably limiting and, offered that I not often lug substantially stuff close to, I would fortunately surrender a chunk of the ë-Berlingo’s practically unfathomably substantial interior in return for a bigger battery. But flip it a different way: the ë-Berlingo provides area, sizing and practicality unmatched by practically any other electrical auto of its footprint (apart from its badge-engineered Fiat, Peugeot, Toyota and Vauxhall siblings, of training course). Absolutely sure, the Tesla Product X is large, seats seven (like an ë-Berlingo XL) and has all those interesting gullwing doorways. But I will get the ë-Berlingo’s less difficult and a lot more usable aspect-sliding rear passenger doorways and its exceptionally quick-to-fill square load location.


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