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A pal who has no interest in automobiles writes for information about buying one particular. He has on his shortlist a utilized Honda Civic and a newer Toyota Corolla hybrid.

That is not a terrible position to start from. When I’m questioned to advise a auto to a person who knows and cares nothing about them, people are the type of types that I finish up naming: trusted, unremarkable automobiles that match into your lifestyle like a kitchen tap. I would recommend that you or I buy a Morgan Super 3 them not so a lot.

In any case, will the dollars saved jogging the a lot more affordable Corolla offset the simple fact that it’s far more highly-priced to obtain than the Civic, he wonders?

It depends how extended you keep it, how significantly you travel it and what occurs to gasoline charges, I say. It’s a lot of hrs in a spreadsheet, open up to fluctuation and likely marginal in the finish, so I recommend that he consider both equally of them and buy whichever he prefers. So he does – and comes away with the Citroën C3 he was taken with alternatively.

It’s a reminder that, for all the objectivity in the environment, automobiles chat to all of us in unique means.

Feelings from the dentist

I have just bought again from the dentist, always a reminder of my greatest mistake of judgement: aged 18, knocking out my front teeth on the steering wheel of a Mini that was not specifically mine (sorry, Steve).

I try to believe about anything else all through ultrasonic tooth descaling, of which I’m no lover. The course of action reminds me that I have to have to do the equal to an outdated carburettor. Ethanol in modern fuels is hygroscopic, drawing in water from the atmosphere, so E5 unleaded, which has only 5% of it, is friendlier than E10, which has 2 times that.

If you take apart a neglected carb, it can look very terrible, clogged and corroded. I don’t allow that come about to my bike: even as a result of the winter season, I operate it up often. As with tooth, I feel which is the superior way.


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