December 5, 2022


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NJ State Legislators Want Cops To Stop Plate-Frame Ticketing


Image for article titled New Jersey Cops Write So Many Plate-Frame Tickets, Lawmakers Are Changing the Law

If you are living in or pay a visit to New Jersey, seem out. Obtained a license plate frame that professes your love for your sporting activities workforce, or the vendor that took your funds? You could turn into one particular of the hundreds of hundreds of men and women ticketed for that highly illegal piece of decoration. NJ cops have long gone so far overboard with the plate-body tickets, the point out is telling them to lay off, as reviews.

Just how several tickets have been issued? Records from New Jersey’s court docket method present that amongst 2017 and 2021, 501,699 summonses for plate frames ended up issued to Jersey drivers. 2019 was the most important calendar year for plate-frame violations, with 127,680 tickets penned. 

Law enforcement claim a license plate body can obscure pinpointing details on the plate, which could assist a devious driver avoid digicam tickets or toll-by-mail fees. But that doesn’t describe the wide majority of drivers ticketed for these violations, New Jersey point out senator Patrick Diegnan Jr. said in a assertion quoted by

“Most of these citations had been for frames masking a portion of the license plate that did not reduce identification of the vehicle” Diegnan mentioned.

The proposed legislation would revise the law to ease the out-of-regulate ticketing. Co-prepared by Senator Diegnan, a Democrat, and State Assemblyman Ronald Dancer, a Republican, the monthly bill would let license plate frames that partly protect “New Jersey” at the best of a plate or “Garden State” at the bottom, as lengthy as that textual content, and the primary physique of the plate, are all even now readable.

“This invoice will assist prevent countless numbers of motorists from remaining pulled about for minor license plate body violations,” Dancer mentioned in a assertion quoted by “New Jersey drivers should really not have to commit time and funds looking for recourse by the courtroom program. As prolonged as pertinent letters and figures are recognizable on a plate, a person must be no cost from unwarranted interactions with police.”


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