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One city is urging taxi drivers against slapping five phones on their dashboards


Proposed guidelines would force motorists to retain it to two, max

Some people, specially individuals driving older cars that will not have Android Car or Apple CarPlay, may well often be inclined to just take a less complicated strategy — applying their telephone. Buy a dashboard/windshield mount for your cellphone, and it’s just as very good as an actual head unit. But in Hong Kong, a lot of specialist motorists are likely to consider this a bit to… the extreme, so to discuss. It’s not a rare sight to see taxi drivers and minibus operators plugging in several phones, tablets, and even radios with distracting displays on their vehicle’s dashboard for navigation, observing bookings, and checking traffic info. That’s led to climbing casualties on the city’s roadways. But there is some hope for good information nonetheless as authorities are scheduling moves to consider care of this problem.


Hong Kong’s Transport and Logistics Bureau (by using South China Morning Submit) is proposing for motorists to experience fines of up to HK$2,000 (US$255) if they position extra than two devices on their car’s dashboard. Targeted visitors officers would hand out tickets of HK$450 (US$57) for to start with infractions whilst repeat offenders and some of the extra egregious instances will have their penalties issued by courts.

The proposal also looks to raise other limitations on what sorts of good equipment you can use in your automobile. For just one, you can only use tablets with shows sized up to 7.1 inches in diagonal length. The posture of the products ought to also not hinder the driver’s sight or skill to see the highway in advance.

Proper now, Hong Kong only penalizes motorists who are talking on their telephones while driving.

Lobbyists for the taxi and community mild bus drivers are typically supportive of the two-device restrict, but are fewer eager of an additional proposal which would pressure operators to only use voice commands for their devices.

Other suggestions for new protection principles consist of mandates for seat belts on all public transportation motor vehicles on the highway and helmets for motorcycle riders.


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