November 27, 2022


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Shampoo, a power washer and a dream: meet a 15-year-old car detailer | Local News


RACINE — While most teens spend most of their time this summer hanging with friends and sleeping in, one 15-year-old took it upon himself to work his summer away for the second year in a row.

Darian Davis, a soon-to-be sophomore at Case High School, runs Reflection Detailz, a car detailing business, with his brother, 20-year-old Dante Davis.

The idea came from Dante, who is also the financier for the supplies. But Darian is the face of the operation, working on most of the cars himself.

“It all started when my brother called me and said he wanted to start a detailing business,” Darian said. “So I researched all the stuff we would need and he bought it, and that’s how it started.”

Dante helps Darian with cars that might be too big or too stained for Darian to handle on his own. While the brothers did not keep count of how many cars they detailed last summer, Darian estimates that he has detailed 50 cars this summer already.

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Despite working on most of the cars by himself, Darian doesn’t do it alone. Since he is only 15 and doesn’t have a license yet, family members like his grandmother, aunts and mother, Lakeysha Davis help move and drive the cars for him. They have also been supporting Darian in other aspects.

“His aunt made him the flyers, his uncles helped promote the business and let them work on their cars to start and his mother made him the fancy shirt he wears,” Lakeysha said.

Some of the services Reflection Detailz offers are interior and exterior work. This includes shampooing, vacuuming, window cleaning and tire shining.

One thing Darian hopes to learn more about is buffing cars.

Darian does have hopes to have a physical location for Reflection Detailz one day. But for now, he will continue to detail cars outside of his mother’s house, north of the Racine Christian School, 912 Virginia St., until the summer ends and it becomes too cold to work on the cars outside.

“When the boys told me they were going to start a car detailing business I wasn’t sure how they would do, I didn’t think they would stick with it,” said Lakeysha, “but Darian really stuck with it this summer. He got up on his own and did it mostly by himself. I think he could actually do it as a career, but he has to finish school first.”


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