December 6, 2022


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Steve Nichols’ N1A green lit for production


The brainchild of former McLaren Chief Designer Steve Nichols who led the technological group liable for the McLaren MP4/4, the most prosperous F1 motor vehicle of all time, the Nichols N1A is a celebration of his close ties with the Woking firm, staying a present day interpretation of the extremely to start with McLaren, the M1A.

Nichols N1A

Whilst clearly influenced by the M1A, the NICHOLS is a incredibly different, completely modern, proposition.

Nichols N1A CAS Screenshot Body Surfacing in Alias

Visually it is considerably more aggressive, with a floor hugging nose, large, strong flanks and aerodynamics honed in the wind tunnel to create constructive, well balanced, downforce front and rear.  The outcome is a fitting tribute to the M1A, but at the similar time a shape which is comprehensively contemporary.

Nichols N1A Body Design CAD Screenshot Class A Surfacing

The Nichols attributes a state-of-the-artwork aluminium and carbon fibre chassis with wishbone suspension all round, guaranteeing amazing managing. “One of the most worthwhile features of the task,” says Nichols, “has been the chance to operate with some amazing entire world leading professionals on constructions and suspension, primarily based right here in the British isles, as well as some great colleagues from my McLaren days.”

Nichols N1A bonded aluminium and carbon fibre chassis

An obvious function the N1A shares with the initial is a huge potential American V8.  With a option of ability outputs ranging from 450 to 650 bhp and a goal pounds together with fluids of under 900 kilos, effectiveness is certain to be impressive.

While it is in all probability best to use a racetrack to unleash its entire opportunity, the NICHOLS N1A has been made with highway use really substantially in head, weather permitting!

The car or truck will make its debut in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

“We didn’t set out with the intention of likely into generation,” states Nichols. 

“It was an plan that John Minett, Nichols Cars’ CEO, and I experienced been speaking about for a whilst.  In the conclusion we assumed we may possibly as nicely develop 1 and see how it turned out.  As soon as individuals noticed it on the highway, the response was extraordinary.  It is a bit like the original M1A that began the entire McLaren tale.  Bruce McLaren constructed it as a just one-off for his very own personal use. Then men and women starting up inquiring him if he could generate a handful of more!”

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