December 5, 2022


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This Meguiar’s Ultimate Car-Care Bucket Is Now Nearly $20 Off


If you went out to the garage this spring and found your car-washing inventory a bit lower than you remember, it’s high time to restock. And if you’re like us, convenience is a huge bonus. So how about a bucket full of sprays and cleaners to get you back on track? Well, we found one—and it’s on sale.

Ultimate Bucket Kit

  • Contains Ultimate cleaners, Meguiar’s highest consumer product line
  • Covers most of the basic car-cleaning areas
  • Lacks any car-cleaning tools

This Ultimate Bucket Kit from Meguiar’s—the car-detailing aficionados—contains five different sprays and cleaners to polish up any vehicle. Open up the lid on the 3.5-gallon bucket, and inside you’ll find Ultimate Wash & Wax, Ultimate Quik Wax, Ultimate Tire Foam, Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner, and Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner. Best of all? It’s on sale for $29—or nearly 40% off.

The kit covers many basic car-cleaning needs, except for soap and wheel cleaner. The bucket also lacks any kind of cleaning tools, like microfiber cloths or sponges—but it’s tough to beat the amount of good, quality cleaners you get for one price. And a low price at that. Thank you, Walmart.

meguiar's car cleaning kit


So if you need to stock up on some car-cleaning liquids while keeping some extra cash in your wallet, look no further. This Ultimate Bucket Kit from Meguiar’s has just about everything you’d want. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s a great option to get Dad some fresh supplies. We don’t know how long Walmart will have the kit on sale, so we recommend grabbing one before the discount is up. Happy cleaning!

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