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Top 10 Best Car Covers, 2020

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Not everyone has the luxury of parking their car in a garage. If you’re shopping for a car cover to protect your vehicle’s paint while it’s parked, you’ve come to the right place. We take a look at the best car covers available today, explaining their features and what they have to offer. It may appear that most car covers are the same, but you’ll want to pay close attention to the material they’re constructed from and how many layers it offers. Some car covers aren’t recommended for outdoor use, while others offer additional straps and buckles to protect it from the wind. A good starting point when choosing a car cover is determining how often you’ll need to use it outdoors, since you’ll need additional features to make sure it offers ample protection.

Updated 04/27/2020: We replaced one of our recommendations.

The Platinum Shield Car Cover from offers top of the line all-weather protection.

Most of the car covers you find on Amazon, or at other online retailers, are universal covers, which means limited sizing and a baggy fit., on the other hand, doesn’t take the same one-size-fits-all approach, instead selling semi-custom covers that are sized to the length, width and height of your vehicle, with hundreds of different SKUs. (They also include a lifetime warranty for their product, something else you won’t find on Amazon.)

If you’re looking for the ultimate in weather protection, the Platinum Shield from is the site’s best-selling solution for outdoor use. This top of the line cover shields your car from all elements, as well as dust, tree sap and other harmful pollutants that can do a number on your paint job. The UV-reflective-silver material protects your vehicle from sun damage and keeps your vehicle cooler, while its reflective polyurethane coating provides excellent water resistance, shedding water as soon as it hits the cover.

Made of lightweight yet durable woven polyester fabric,’s Platinum Shield is also breathable, preventing mold, mildew and rust buildup, while its soft fleece underlining means your car’s finish will be perfectly preserved and protected. An elastic front and rear hem ensures a snug fit. Comes with a free storage bag, cable/lock set and antenna patch. Planning to store your car in a garage instead? has a premium indoor line that’s worth checking out as well.

  • Pros/All-weather solution, durable synthetic fabric with soft fleece underlining, double-stitched seams for leak protection, limited lifetime warranty
  • Cons/Premium priced
  • Bottom Line/The ultimate in all-weather protection
  • budge duro car cover

    If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty car cover, Budge also offers the Duro model. Comprised of three layers of polypropylene material, the Budge Duro cover breathes and has ultra-sonically welded seams. It’s ideal for use in a garage carport or for short-term outdoor use. It’s manufactured from a soft, non-abrasive material designed not to harm the surface of your vehicle.

    Available for cars up to 264-inches long, the Budge Duro car cover guarantees a great fit with a full elastic hem and built-in grommets. Like the Budge Lite, it comes in a gray color and includes a storage bag, antenna patch, and a five-year warranty.

  • Pros/Three layers of material, non-abrasive material, five-year warranty
  • Cons/Price
  • classic accessories overdrive polypro car cover

    Designed for full-size sedans ranging from 175-inches long to 210-inches long is the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro car cover. It’s manufactured from soft fabric that doesn’t scratch paint and includes non-scratch tie down grommets and an elasticized hem for a fast, custom fit. The car cover provides protection against dirt, scratches, weather, and sun damage, while its fabric is water repellent and breathable to reduce mold and mildew.

    Included with the car is a storage bag and antenna patch, while buyers are protected with a two-year limited warranty.

    Some users do say the cover isn’t great against rain, so keep that in mind if you plan on using it outdoors in an area that often sees rainfall.

  • Pros/Affordable, variety of sizes for cars, soft fabric
  • Cons/Although water repellent, it isn’t great against rain
  • kayme four layers car cover

    A highly rated but expensive option is the Kayme Four Layers Waterproof car cover. It features PE, aluminum, and cotton, with the PE material offering waterproof protection, while aluminum helps reflect harmful UV rays. The inside cotton lining protects the vehicle’s paint. For easy access, this car cover has a zipper on the driver’s door, while straps at the front and the rear protect it from wind. Like the MATCC car cover, it also has reflective strips for nighttime use.

    Fitments are available for vehicles ranging from 173-inches long to 208-inches long, with a separate fitment for SUVs ranging from 188 inches to 200 inches.

  • Pros/Four layers of protection, straps and buckle, convenient zipper for easy access, reflective strips
  • Cons/Price, limited fitments
  • leader accessories mid-grade car cover

    Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Leader Accessories car cover is manufactured from a breathable material designed to repel moisture and keep your car dry. Like other car covers, it features an elastic hem around the bottoms for a snug fit, and this cover comes with a strap and buckle to combat against strong wind. The cover is UV resistant, dust proof, and is made from an environmentally friendly biodegradable material.

    There’s a variety of fitments as well, for cars up to 264-inches long, SUVs up to 240-inches long, and trucks up to 249-inches long. A storage bag is also included with this cover.

  • Pros/UV resistant, dust proof, includes a strap and buckle, variety of fitments
  • Cons/Not waterproof, thin compared to other car covers
  • budge b-2 car cover

    One of the most popular car covers on Amazon is the B-2 from Budge. An affordable product, the Budge B-2 features a single layer of basic protection against dust and debris. It’s a lightweight car cover that is easy to use and is ideal for indoor use or occasional outdoor protection from autumn leaves. Constructed from a single layer of polypropylene, the car cover is breathable to prevent mildew.

    The cover features double stitched seams for added durability, along with a full elastic hem that keeps the cover securely on your vehicle.

    The cover is available in a variety of sizes, fitting cars from 157-inches long to 264-inches long, as well as SUVs from 162-inches long to 228-inches long. It comes in a gray finish and includes a storage bag, antenna patch, and a two-year warranty.

  • Pros/Affordable, double stitched seams, full elastic hem, variety of sizes, two-year warranty
  • Cons/Only offers basic, light protection
  • audew car cover

    Priced as a mid-range option, the Audew car cover is constructed from heavy duty polyester and cotton fabric for all-weather protection. It’s made for indoor and outdoor use with a waterproof design, helping protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, industrial pollutants, and bird droppings. It features a silver reflecting high-sensitivity finish, helping effectively block UV radiation from the sun, helping preserve your dash.

    It comes with straps and buckle at the bottom to protect the car cover from blowing off in strong wind and is high flexible so it’s easy to put on and take off. An elasticized hem, double stitched seams, and a storage bag round off the features of this car cover.

    Unfortunately the Audew car cover is available in limited sizes, covering vehicles ranging from 177-inches long to 212-inches long.

  • Pros/All-weather protection, polyester and cotton material, reflective finish, straps and buckle
  • Cons/Limited sizes
  • xcar car cover

    Available with fitments for cars up to 200-inches long and SUVs up to 240-inches long, the XCAR Breathable Dust Prevention car cover features double stitch seams and elastic hems for a snug fit on your car. Unlike other products on the list so far, the XCAR car cover includes a cable and lock to help prevent the cover from blowing off in heavy wind.

    This cover is designed for basic protection, so it’s more suitable for indoor use and limited outdoor use. Its fabric is breathable, water repellent, and offers UV protection.

    Along with the cable and lock, the XCAR car cover includes a storage bag and antenna patch. It does only offer a one-year warranty however, which is below average in the market.

  • Pros/Includes cable and lock, double stitch seams
  • Cons/One-year warranty, only suitable for limited outdoor use
  • matcc car cover

    An affordable option comes from MATCC, with sizes for fitments from 173-inches long to 207-inches long. The company also offers a separate product for SUVs. It’s constructed from dustproof nylon cloth, offering protection from harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, industrial pollutants, snow, frost, corrosion, bird droppings, and more. On the outside of the cover there are six fluorescent strips that serve as reflective safety warning lines for added nighttime protection.

    It fits onto your car through an elasticized hem and hooks, with two elastic bands and a rope wind and elasticized hem that can be fixed on the wheel. It also has straps and a buckle at the bottom for heavy wind protection. Included with the silver car cover is a storage bag.

  • Pros/Fluorescent strips, elastic bands, separate rope for wheel, straps and buckle
  • Cons/Nylon cloth isn’t heavy duty, limited sizes
  • oxgord car cover

    A pricier option comes from OxGord, with sizes offering coverage of vehicles from 97-inches long to 229-inches long. It features a double layer of strong spunbond woven polypropylene taffeta fabric, offering solid protection and superior breathability. Reinforced seams, elastic hems with drawstrings ensure a snug, semi-glove fit.

    Included with the car cover is a storage bag and antenna patch, while tie down security grommets with a lock and wire help prevent theft and high winds.

    Some owners have complained about the quality of this cover, saying its fabric isn’t durable, while other reviewers praise it as a solid product. So keep in mind this one may have some quality assurance issues.

  • Pros/Double layer fabric, reinforced seams, lock and wire
  • Cons/Questionable quality
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