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What car should I buy in 2022? Electric or Hybrid?


This is somewhat the central subject at the moment: if I want to cash your car in UAE this year and get a new one, what should I choose: electric, hybrid, or hydrogen?


Today we reflect on the two different technologies and the best choice to make from an individual point of view above all (the environmental concern is even more important, but I imagine that you are above all interested in your problems which are specific to you: namely economic).


Electric Cars


The offer of electric cars is beginning to expand. We now have a more varied choice, ranging from a small Renault ZOE/e-208 to the Mercedes EQC via the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.


Sounds good to go, doesn’t it?


What encourages us to buy electric cars?


  1. The premium reason remains attractive: the Price

With 6,000 euros for cars under 45,000 euros (and 2,000 euros from 45 to 60,000 euros). 


Knowing that it risks disappearing soon, the bonus is therefore still strong enough to motivate you to take the step


The increases in the offer make it easier to find an auto that fits (size, autonomy, aesthetics, etc.).


  1. Another point may be that inflation is rooted more deeply than we imagine, and it is therefore likely that prices will be revised upwards in the coming years. 


So take advantage that there is still availability and still digestible prices…


  1. The other argument lies in the fact that there will be an explosion in the capacities of electric cars in the next 5 years (or even a little more). 


Indeed, we should stagnate for a long time on the current range values, namely between 400 and 600 km approximately (and therefore between 200 and 350 km in reality).


Waiting to take advantage of more autonomy or even faster recharges (on a Model 3 we are already at 250 kW!) is only worth it if you have strained patience because you will still have to wait.


  1. It may seem surprising to some, but the number of charging stations is now large enough to be comfortable away from home and to make long journeys. Things have changed very quickly and the problems of one or two years ago are now a thing of the past.


  1. Finally, for city dwellers, having an electric car brings quite a few advantages, namely free and reserved spaces for this type of vehicle. So be aware that this is only temporary, so it is good to take advantage of it.


Hybrid Cars


The hybrid is a technology that has the right spot between two options.


However, we must distinguish between hybrid technologies, because putting them all in the same bag is not wise and would show major deficiencies in technical knowledge.


Here we are mainly speaking of “heavy hybrids”, with large batteries and significant autonomy in 100% electric (namely rechargeable/plug-in).


  1. Rechargeable models now allow good autonomy in all-electric, enough to cover daily journeys (50 km have almost become a standard, and we will tend towards 100 km within two years).


  1. Unlike 100% electric, we can do everything and above all, we will not fear the dry breakdown at the level of electrons. 


But frankly, this serves more to reassure oneself from a psychological point of view than in fact. Thus, the car valuation in the market is somehow overrated. 


  1. The hybrids of the early 2010s, such as the BMW Hybrid 3, were available in the second-hand market a few years later, so technically speaking they were outdated. However, that means you can get them at a reasonable price.
  2. They save fuel. In particular thanks to the assistance of the electric motor. Indeed, in traffic jams or low-speed areas, the car only uses its electric motor. Thus, it only uses its internal combustion engine at high speed.


  1. Compared to petrol or diesel cars, cars emit fewer greenhouse gases. A good point if you aren’t convinced to go electric. In its all-electric phases, the hybrid vehicle moves silently.


Choices we made shape our life, so always go with what suits you best. Have a safe ride!


Author: Mohamad Omary

 Mohamad Omary is the Managing Director of Car Wise. Car is a car buying company that has established itself as the go-to partner for those who want to quickly sell their used cars in the UAE; reaching 20,000 satisfied customers with their easy car selling process and excellent customer service.

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