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What you need to know about auto Insurance

What make or model of a car is your dream auto? To answer this question, you need to be more practical, because people choose cars according to their needs and their financial ability. Expect a farmer to have a rugged image on an SUV, outdoor fan with a family to have a minivan, a sports enthusiast to have a sports car for weekend cruise spree and so on. If you love luxury, Sedan is for you, it is up to you to decide what kind of a car you want and will serve you best.

Whichever the car you drive, you need insurance cover for your valuable asset and maybe for the occupants at any one time as well. Even the pedestrians who face the dangers of being run over, your car insurance needs to cover them too. You never know what the future has in store for you, so it is good to get insurance. Getting insurance is not enough but getting the insurance that caters for your needs and is flexible enough to change with your financial situations. So before selecting a company that will provide you with auto insurance, you need to be sure to shop around for better prices and better services. You can even visit car service reviews for inspiration so that you know what companies rank better and have better chances of serving you satisfactorily. This will help you not to stumble of scrupulous companies that never clear the claims on time or even completely never follows the rules of the insurance industry.

Risks and coverage

  • You cause an accident

If you cause an accident for many possible reasons like sunlights hits your eyes directly and you hit a car in front because you were blinded completely or you were in rush hour and hit the car in front, causing minimal damages to the car and in front and yours as well. Your auto insurance should pay for the bodily damages caused and the asset damages caused.

  • You damage your car accidentally

Suppose you are on a weekend travelling crossroads to further into the mainland and you lose traction and accidentally hit the guardrail. The impact causes reasonable damage to your car, what you are liable to be covered for is collision coverage that will help repair the vehicle or if it is damaged, compensate for the total value of the car.

  • Hailstorm dents your car

If a sudden hailstorm cracks your windscreen, and leaves dozens of other damages to your car, maybe on the roof or the side shields or the trunk of your vehicle, a comprehensive cover will help when the damage is caused for something else other than collision.

  • Injured passenger during a wreck on your car

If a passenger you are carrying gets injured during a wreck, medical coverage will help you with medical expenses that could be passed to you if they are caused by a covered accident. You are involved in an accident and can’t go to work because you are attending physical therapy, in this case, you will be covered by personal injury protection where applicable. You can get help with medical rehabilitation and expenditure during the period and salary payment for the total time you do not earn due to the injury.