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World’s first production-ready solar car unveiled



  • Photo voltaic-run Lightyear uncovered
  • Generation-completely ready EV provides up to 70km of more selection for every day
  • Priced from €250,000 (AU$372,450) much more-inexpensive model coming

Lightyear has unveiled the , a new electrical vehicle that harnesses the sun’s ability.

Sharing no relationship with Pixar or Excitement Lightyear, the photo voltaic-driven Lightyear (zero) can be recharged with the sun.

The car is an evolution of the Lightyear A single prototype discovered in 2021, with variations to the lights and side profile.


With five square metres of solar panels across its bonnet, roof and wherever the rear windscreen would commonly sit, the Lightyear can produce electric power while stationary and driving.

The Dutch-dependent firm statements this can insert up to 70 kilometres of driving range for every day or 11,000km for each yr, in ideal temperature ailments where by the sky is very clear.

Cloudier locations, this kind of as the Netherlands, see this drop to all around 20 kilometres of extra driving range per working day.

Lightyear 0 Solar Car 06


Tipping the scales at 1575 kilograms, the Lightyear utilises recycled carbon fibre physique panels and a comparatively tiny 60kWh battery pack.

It has a WLTP-rated driving variety of 625 kilometres before utilizing solar electric power.

The vehicle has a <0.19 drag coefficient (Cd) and aerodynamic covers over its 19-inch alloy wheels, along with partial rear-wheel spats.

Lightyear 0 Solar Car 05


For reference, the most-economical Mercedes-Benz EQS has a 0.20 drag coefficient.

The Lightyear 0 can gain 300km of driving range overnight using a standard household outlet.

Meanwhile, a rapid fast charger brings 520km of driving range in one hour.

Despite featuring an independent electric motor on each wheel, the all-wheel-drive Lightyear 0 has a maximum power output of 130kW, allowing for a 10-second run to 100km/h. Its top speed is listed at 160km/h.

Lightyear 0 Solar Car 011


Inside, the vehicle features vegan-friendly upholstery and a 10.1-inch infotainment system running the Android Automotive operating system.

There is room for five passengers with a 610-litre boot capacity. It is currently unknown if the Lightyear 0 includes a front boot.

Lightyear co-founder and CEO Lex Hoefsloot said the vehicle achieves the brand’s “dream of building the most sustainable car on the planet.”

Lightyear Research Vehicles Tesla M 3 VW Crafter Over The Bridge


Above: a Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen Crafter, with prototype solar panels

Research and development commenced in 2016, with prototypes hitting the road three years later.

Production is set to commence in November, with a maximum of 946 units.

It is priced from €250,000 (AU$372,450), with the brand claiming a more-affordable, mass-produced version – around €30,000 ($45,000) – will be assembled by 2025.


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